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CasaEducation is dedicated to providing innovative undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional online and offline education in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University (United Kingdom).


The programs offered foster student learning with opportunities to launch, improve, or change careers in today’s diverse global society.

At the age of information, the world we living in is getting dynamic than ever. Physical borders should not be an excuse to the long journey of quality training and knowledge seeking.

CasaEducation is entitled to bring about a borderless world, quality education at the international dimension. The fact that we were all born equal, everyone should be allowed to have access to the most powerful weapon that exist: knowledge.

Empowering today’s youth and our upcoming generation to take avail on better training that reflects strong international institutions, by their uniqueness and cost effective should no more be a dream but a reality. That is the mission of CasaEducation.

Several crises are globally shaking our different continents down, the future tends to become unpredictable. The future will be then made up of leaders capable to spark on great innovative ideas and tricks in order to mitigate upcoming problems, effectively and efficiently manage all international and local organisations while maximising revenues.

In fact in the coming decades, big international firms will be seeking after global leader gifted, talented with incredible business insights, capable to understand, screen, scan and find adequate solutions to future economical crisis in order to prevent them or to mitigate them as well.

To provide such charismatic, international highly qualified and renowned leaders comes up to be the fundamental vision of CasaEducation.

CasaEducation also offers Consulting, Coaching, Financial Advices Services through CasaConsultancy, which is one of its product line.

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The firm has been granted credit by Edinburgh Napier University to be its solely and exclusive representative in term of visa facilitator for all Moroccan students willing to pursue their education at Edinburgh Napier campus in the UK. However, for students willing to study online, they can select some modules then move on campus to complete their education in Edinburgh.

Nevertheless there are various packages available with CasaEducation. Its portfolio is solely devoted to anything but education. The organisation of summer camp for teenagers for instance is the new project on board.

CasaEducation offers through its partner Edinburgh Napier University other programme apart from the « Business School », there are other faculties such as  » Health, life & Social Science » and « Computing, Engineering & the built Environment »