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Laude San Pedro was founded in 2004 and currently the School has its highest student roll to date. Its history has paved the way to achieving greater successes, both academically and its recognised role within the community, as it celebrates a stable student and teacher population.

Exam results show that the quality of the teaching staff is second to none, and the different courses open to students, both within the British and Spanish system, allows for greater diversity and opportunity when looking at Further Education. The school, with its excellent sports facility and the different activities it runs and initiatives it introduces, has brought it the prestige it deserves.

The extra-curricular opportunities offered are diverse, and within such, the increased notoriety of the Danzart Group as its popularity has grown within the school and they receive more demands for their performances from the local community.

The Laude Development Award and associated development areas and tasks are specifically designed to ensure our students, who undertake and complete the award, will leave Laude San Pedro a well-rounded, academic and socially skilled young person. In an increasingly competitive world within the job and education sector, we believe as educators that students need as many opportunities as possible to compete for jobs and places at top Universities. The school’s involvement in different charity events allows the students to appreciate what the real world is like.

The school prides itself in its ability to offer support to non-English language learners, with an Induction scheme for the younger learners which has been developed and improved over the last 10 years and provides outstanding successes, making the school unique by offering this intensive language acquisition service.

Within the school ethos, we continue to inspire students by helping them develop life skills and the passion to learn, embedded by our values of Trust, Respect, Honesty and Compassion.