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Study at Okan University , one of the most dynamic universities in Turkey and get an internationally recognized degree .


Why study at Okan

 Get an International Degree!




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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Banking and Finance (English)
  • Business Administration (English)
  • Business Administration (Turkish)
  • International Relations (English)
  • International Relations (Turkish)
  • International Logistics (English)
  • International Logistics (Turkish)
  • International Trade (English)
  • International Trade (Turkish)

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Architecture (English)
  • Architecture (Turkish)
  • Automotive Engineering (English)
  • Civil Engineering (English)
  • Civil Engineering (Turkish)
  • Computer Engineering (English)
  • Computer Engineering (Turkish)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)
  • Energy Systems Engineering (English)
  • Food Engineering (English)
  • Geomatics Engineering (Turkish)
  • Genetics and Bioengineering (Turkish)
  • Industrial Engineering (English)
  • Industrial Engineering (Turkish)
  • Mechanical Engineering (English)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (English)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Psychology (Turkish)
  • Sociology (Turkish)
  • Arabic Translation and Interpreting
  • Chinese Translation and Interpreting
  • English Translation and Interpreting
  • Russian Translation and Interpreting

Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Arts and Design Management (Turkish)
  • Fashion Design (Turkish)
  • Cinema and Television (Turkish)
  • Industrial Design (Turkish)
  • Visual Communication Design (Turkish)
  • Interior Design (Turkish)

  • Theater (Turkish)
  • Music (Turkish)

Faculty of Law
  • Law (Turkish)

Faculty of Education
  • English Language Teaching (Turkish)
  • Psychological Counseling and Guidance (Turkish)
  • Pre-School Teaching (Turkish)
  • Education of the Mentally Disabled (Turkish)

School of Health Sciences
  • Child Development (Turkish)
  • Nursing (Turkish)
  • Nutrition and Dietetic (Turkish)
  • Nutrition and Dietetic (English)
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)
  • Health Management (Turkish)

School of Applied Sciences
  • Accounting and Financial Management (Turkish)
  • Banking and Insurance (Turkish)
  • Gastronomy (Turkish)
  • Logistic and Transportation (Turkish)
  • Management Information Systems (Turkish)
  • Flight Training (Turkish)
  • Flight Training (English)
  • Civil Aviation Management (Turkish)
  • Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)*
  • Sports Management (Turkish)*
  • Tourism and Hotel Management (Turkish)
  • Tourism and Hotel Management (English)
  • New Media (Turkish)

Graduate Programs

Institute of Social Sciences

  • PhD in Business Administration (English)
  • PhD in Business Administration (Turkish)
  • PhD in Banking (Turkish)
  • PhD in Educational Administration and Supervision (Turkish)
  • PhD in Accounting and Auditing (Turkish)
  • PhD in Applied Psychology (Turkish)
  • MBA (English)
  • MBA (Turkish)
  • MSc in Banking (Turkish)
  • MA in Translation Studies (Turkish)
  • MA in Educational Administration and Supervision (Turkish)
  • MA in Economic Law (Turkish)
  • MA in Private Law (Turkish)
  • MA in Gastronomy (Turkish)
  • MA in Real Estate Finance and Valuation (Turkish)
  • MA in Entrepreneurship (Turkish)
  • MA in Clinical Psychology (Turkish)
  • MA in Health Psychology (Turkish)
  • MA in Social Developmental Psychology (Turkish)
  • MA in Adolescence Psychology (Turkish)
  • MA in Logistics Management (Turkish)
  • MA in Fashion Design (Turkish)
  • MSc in Accounting and Auditing (Turkish)
  • MA in Preschool Education (Turkish)
  • MA in Marketing Communication (Turkish)
  • MA in Painting (Turkish)
  • MA in Sales and Marketing (Turkish)
  • MA in Cinema and Television (Turkish)
  • MA in Tourism Management (Turkish)
  • MA in International Relations (Turkish)
  • MA in International Trade (Turkish)
  • MA in Local Administrations (Turkish)
  • MA in Sports Management (Turkish)
  • MA in Music (Turkish)
Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Ph. D. in Mechatronics Engineering (English)
  • Ph. D. in Architecture (English)
  • Ph. D. in Land-use Planning and Management (Turkish)
  • Ph. D. in Computer Engineering (Turkish)
  • MSc in Computer Engineering (Turkish)
  • MSc in Information Systems (Turkish)
  • MSc in Power Electronics and Clean Energy System (English)
  • MSc in Advanced Electronics and Communication Technology (English)
  • MSc in Architecture (English)
  • MSc in Architecture (Turkish)
  • MSc in Civil Engineering (Turkish)
  • MSc in Occupational Safety and Health (Turkish)
  • MSc in Urban Transformation (Turkish)
  • MSc in Engineering Management (Turkish)
  • MSc in Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles (Turkish)
  • MSc in Explosive Engineering (Turkish)
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics (Turkish)
Institute of Health Sciences
  • Ph.D. in Health Management (Turkish)
  • Ph.D. in Nutrition and Dietetic (Turkish)
  • Ph.D. in Nursing (Turkish)
  • MSc in Nutrition and Dietetic (Turkish)
  • MSc in Nursing (Turkish)
  • MSc in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)
  • MSc in Quality Management in Healthcare (Turkish)
  • MSc in Healthcare Management (Turkish)
  • MSc in Child Development and Education (Turkish)
  • MSc in Sports Physiotherapy (Turkish)
Vocational School of Health Services
  • Anesthesia (Turkish)
  • Audiometry (Turkish)
  • Child Development (Turkish)
  • Dialysis (Turkish)
  • Disaster and Emergency Management (Turkish)
  • Electroneurophysiology (Turkish)
  • First and Emergency Aid (Turkish)
  • Health Institutions Management (Turkish)
  • Medical Documentation and Secretarial Work (Turkish)
  • Medical Imaging Technologies (Turkish)
  • Medical Laboratory Technologies (Turkish)
  • Nuclear Medicine Associate (Turkish)
  • Operating Room Services (Turkish)
  • Opticianry (Turkish)
  • Perfusion Techniques (Turkish)
  • Radiotherapy (Turkish)
  • Senior Care (Turkish)
  • Technology of Pathology Laboratory (Turkish)
Vocational School
  • Management and Organization (English)
  • Architectural Restoration (Turkish)
  • Banking and Insurance (Turkish)
  • Business Administration (Turkish)
  • Civil Aviation Cabin Services (Turkish)
  • Civil Aviation Cabin Services (English)
  • Civil Aviation Management (Turkish)
  • Civil Aviation Management (English)
  • Construction Technology (Turkish)
  • Computer Programming (Turkish)
  • Culinary (Turkish)
  • Electricity (Turkish)
  • Fashion Design (Turkish)
  • Foreign Trade (Turkish)
  • Foreign Trade (English)
  • Graphic Design (Turkish)
  • Human Resource Management (Turkish)
  • Justice (Turkish)
  • Logistics (Turkish)
  • Machinery (Turkish)
  • Mechatronics (Turkish)
  • Mobile Technology (Turkish)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (Turkish)
  • Photography and Cameraman (Turkish)
  • Printing and Publishing Technologies (Turkish)
  • Provincial Goverment (Turkish)
  • Public Relation and Advertising (Turkish)
  • Radio and Television Programming (Turkish)
  • Survey and Cadastre (Turkish)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (Turkish)

Send an email to info@casaeducation with the name of the program you are interested by.


Three Easy Steps:

  • Step 1 – Fill the relevant programme Eligibility Form
  • Step 2 – Email the completed Form to
  • Step 3 – An Admissions officer from CasaEducation will contact you on receipt of the Eligibility Form

MBA applicants are also required to submit a Reference Form.

All applicants are required to review  Casablanca Education Policy prior to signing the Eligibility Form.

Living in OKAN University


The main campus for undergraduate programs is the Tuzla Campus on the Asian part of İstanbul. The campus is close to İstanbul’s second international airport Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Tuzla campus houses modern faculty buildings, residence halls, student center with cafeterias, shops, a cinema and game room. On the campus, there is also a sports compound which includes a semi-Olympic size swimming pool, an indoor basketball court, a fitness center equipped with state-of-the art equipment and a martial arts room. There are also outdoor basketball and tennis courts and a football field. Tuzla campus is ideal for undergraduate students with its safe and pleasant environment. University shuttle buses as well as public buses connect the campus to downtown areas Kadikoy and Taksim.

There are three other campuses in central locations of the city. Graduate programs are delivered either at Mecidiyekoy or Kadikoy campus. Both are business districts with easy access and excellent public transportation links.



Okan University offers accommodation for 1000 students in four fully equipped Residence Halls on its main campus. Students can choose to stay in single, double or four-person rooms. The dormitories have study halls, TV rooms and a medical center. Restaurants and cafeterias serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Laundry and cleaning services are also provided.

* Old students are required to make the dorm and meal plan payment before end of February. If not ‘first paid, first in’ formula will be adopted.

Social Life


Social and cultural activities are considered integral parts of education at Okan University. Many seminars, conferences and symposia are organized at the university with the participation of distinguished scholars.

Students are also encouraged to take part in social, cultural and sports activities through the Student Clubs. Some examples of current Student Clubs are Dance Club, Photography Club, Aikido Club, Motor Sports Club and Social Responsibility Club. Regular trips to historical sites and touristic regions are organized by the Tourism Club.

The Okan Spring Festival is organized every year by student organizations. It has become a center of interest not only for Okan students but also for students of other universities.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students ensures the student-centered approach of Okan University. The dean is the first point of contact for students to help them with academic as well as practical issues, such as accommodation, shuttles and meals. The dean supports Student Clubs and contributes to the personal development of students via an active social life on campus.

Okan Psychological Counseling and Education Center (OPDEM)

Psychological counselors at OPDEM provide individual advising to students to help them deal with any academic, emotional or social problems they may experience. Individual advising sessions are free of charge and strictly confidential. OPDEM also organizes seminars and prepares educational materials for the personal development of students, such as on improving communication skills, managing time effectively and dealing with stress.


1. For students who cancel their registration, no tuition fee refunds will be made after the registration is complete.
2. Once the reservation and payment for dormitory and meal plan is done for the year, no refund at all.