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Our Services

1. Training Inter /Intra Company
CasaEducation ensures tailored services to companies in training and consultancy field. Its mission is to support customers by providing an effective response to their needs for training (inter-company and intra-company)and skills development.
To support the training that the choice of subject is entirely up to the customer and to well adjust it to their requirements, CasaEducation will recruit professional speakers in the field and provide conference room if needed.
2. Organization of Events / Conferences / Seminars

CasaEducation helps you to organize your event, whether it’s a conference, seminar or any other activity that requires detailed organization and careful setting up. We also book hotels, conference rooms, rent cars and are willing to undertake every task related to your event management.

3. Company Creation
CasaEducation helps you to get into the world of business by undertaking in whole or in part the creation of your company.
Our strong points: professionalism, speed and efficiency, while ensuring that all your documents are in order to avoid putting at risk the project.
4. Our Web and Media Partner
logo inventis
INVENTIS, web agency that assists you from day one to the launch of your website or application site. Armed with seven years of presence in the creation of websites and web applications in Fez, Morocco, INVENTIS offers various services:

  • Domain name : Select a domain name for your site
  • Web hosting : A 24/7 service
  • Graphic Design : Web development with a design to satisfy your expectations. Designs that are adapted to your project and your needs.
  • Realization of brochures, business cards and flyers.
  • Design and realization of websites and applications : A team of specialists that ensures the creation of your website. Realization of E-commerce sites (Prestashop and Magento), CMS : WordPress Joomla and customized Development with Zend Framework and Symfony.
  • Mobile Apps (Creating applications for Iphone, Ipad and Android) .
  • Optimizing websites for Mobile Smartphones.
  • Website SEO : Your web visibility provides you durability and profitability. With our expertise in SEO, results are guaranteed.
  • 3D Imaging (indoor Perspective, outdoor Perspective, layout plan, 360 ° Panorama, 3D Animation, Video animations, 3D Map colorized 3D Object).
  • Photography, Shooting in our Studio Professional.
  • Films: institutional, documentary, educational, virtual tour, inlaying, special effects and editing video.

Our goal is to put our experience and rigor at your service.

5. Brand Choice and Deposit

A brand identifies a product, a service, a group of products or services.
It protects its owner by giving them the exclusive right to use it in order to identify goods or services, or to authorize others to do so.
Thanks to the brand, your customers become familiar with your products and services: it plays an informative and advertising role.
However, you must protect your name, brand, expertise, reputation, design and invention. Together we identify your needs and accompany you all along the way.

6. Accounting

We assist all types of structures in the development of these activities: industry, commerce, key accounts, craftsmanship, liberal professions, associations, …
Therefore, we mean by accounting, a service that meets your actual needs.
Establishing your operating statements and your balance sheet is properly done and complies with Moroccan law.

Some services :

  • Bookkeeping by efficient and modern computer system
  • balance sheet
  • VAT Declaration in both paper andelectronic formats
  • Income Tax declaration in paper and electronic formats
  • Company tax return
  • Individual tax return
  • Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting
  • Report and Minutes
  • All formalities …

Our added value :

  • Anticipation, Resources, Efficiency;
  • Anticipation of your problems: by giving figures their true meaning, we offer you the opportunity to make the right decisions;
  • Dedicated staff: permanent monitoring by a team which is very familiar with your file;
  • Efficiency in the deployment of the firm resources: call for true specialists if needed and support the group to offer the necessary expertise;

Because our goal is to give you the financial analysis keys of your business: dashboard, forecasts, investment simulation …

7. Legal Advice

Whether you are an individual or professional, CasaEducation offers the services of its competent lawyers, who advise, inform, assist and guide you in your legal actions.

Some services :

  • Trademark registration (nationally or internationally)
  • Opposition to trademark registration
  • Corporate purpose extension
  • manager Appointment or resignation
  • Put on hold
  • Liquidation
  • Capital increasing
  • Shares Transfer
  • Modification od status
  • Headquarter transfer
  • Change of legal form
  • legal Representation
  • Contract drafting
  • legal advice
  • Etc. …
8. Business Mediation
9. Consulting: labeling, packaging, bar code, supplier choice