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This Master Program in Entrepreneurial, Strategy and Leadership (MPESL) offers an innovative curriculum and programming that aims to deepen your knowledge of core business concepts and provides a wealth of hands-on experiences to put this knowledge into practice in the real world.

The program is designed to develop and prepare the business leaders of tomorrow to tackle the challenges of the global business environment.

It’s the most comprehensive ‘truly’ international program in Morocco which provides you with practical course meant for senior & middle executives and entrepreneurs.

It’s an opportunity to be in the most exclusive alumni club, to make friends for life and to expand your business and network by international travel.

The Teaching Methodology

The course is covered over 9 months period, it consists of classroom lectures, industry speakers, visits and consultation.

Every course is lead by a top international Professor. The face-to-face lectures will be done for 3 days followed by the group work and exercises.

Month Module Name Location and Venue
March – April Strategic Leadership 3 days in Casablanca
May – June Marketing for Growth 3 days in Casablanca
July – August Funding, Finance and Banking 3 days in Casablanca
September – October Economics and Risk Management(International Module) 5 days in Dubai
November Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 days in Casablanca
Graduation(Family and Friends invited)

• All the modules in Casablanca and Dubai are done in a top 5-Star Hotels.
• The price includes access to all material, books, evaluation and consultation with the Professors
• The international module (including airfare, local stay and meals) is not included in the price.

Our Modules


This nine-months comprehensive program is designed by experts from top Ivy League universities.
The program is divided into five rigorous modules:

Strategic Leadership

Steering organizations to success in the current economic climate is no mean feat, and requires a person that can ensure a company continues to adapt and thrive as the environment changes. Leaders are often less trained to perform the responsibilities than they are simply expected to meet them. This course is about bringing people together to create and deliver value. This course is about the transition from smart to wise. Smart is knowing how to do business. Wise is knowing when and where business adds value. Wise poses the intuitive questions to which smart provide answers. Smart is an able technician. Wise is a leader.

Economics and Risk Management

The aim of this module will be to familiarise professionals with the key analytical concepts and methodologies of economics, in order to increase their capabilities in applying these to the planning and management of services. The module focuses on Risk management, on how to identify risk and mitigate them with smart decision making.

Marketing and Communication

This module aims to provide a synthesis of marketing and management objectives, skills and techniques to expose professionals to opportunities and issues in the process developing brilliant marketing strategies. The managing communication module will help in learning how to communicate with peer, colleagues, patients, vendors, policy makers and other stakeholders. The module involves the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization.

Funding, Finance and Banking

Finance is the ‘blood’ of any business. This module would help candidates in understanding the way, in which financial intermediaries and institutions operate, and the structure and functioning of financial markets. This is useful for candidates who want to learn about the how to raise successful funding for their ventures and how to manage the expectation of venture capitalist, bankers and financial institutions.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary area in management. This high-impact program is designed to help candidates to discover and develop personal attributes needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Candidates will identify, discuss and grow a ‘business idea’ they might start one day or they are already in the process of developing the idea. They will have an opportunity to participate in the business process planning. The candidates will learn the important ‘tools’ on innovation.

Profile of Professors

Some of the best international names will be teaching in this course.

Professor (Dr) Nikhil Agarwal
PhD (Edinburgh), MPhil (Cambridge)
Worked with Cadburys, FIC, Zensar (RPG Group)
Strategy, Technology & Policy, Entrepreneurship, Internet Governance and Government
Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email
Dr Nahum Goldmann
Worked with Nortel, Bell Canada, IBM
Publisher of Journal of Internet Banking & Commerce
40 years of experience with Banks, Governments and Corporations
Expertise: B2B and off-shore Banking, Finance, Strategy
Lien Email
Professor (Dr) D N Pandey
Ex Professor of Economics at British University of Dubai and University of Wollongong, Australia
(Top Risk Management expert in Middle East)
Expertise: Economics, Risk Management
Professor (Dr) Konstantin Thiele
PhD (St Gallen University), Switzerland
Professor at Reutlingen University, Germany
Founder President of SWATCH watch, Switzerland
(Considered to be the father of modern Swiss watch industry)
Expertise: Strategy, Marketing, Products

Tuition fees

Fees for this executive masters are: $5 499 ( $3 999 for the program + $1 500 for the trip to Dubai; including aircraft+5 nights in the Hotel + Food ).

The participants can either pay the full fee up front and receive 5% discount, or pay in 2 installments:

• $3 500 before starting the 1st module (before March)
• $1 999 before starting the 3rd module (before July)