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CasaEducation gives you the opportunity of enrolling one of the online programs offered by the one of the top and famous British Universities.

Students do not need to cut jobs and move to UK.

It is highly flexible and convenient, with no compromise on service and quality.

All it requires is a device and Internet access.

Degrees are 100% British.

The Online Platform is simple to use, accessible from any part of the world : http://globalonline.napier.ac.uk/learn/

Click to access the Student Portal

Besides we also offer consulting services through our subgroup CasaConsultancy; coaching, financial advice, how to set up a company from the scratch.

We currently working and securing a project concerning teenager summer camp for this Year.

The firm has been granted credit by Edinburgh Napier University to be its solely and exclusive representative in term of visa facilitator  for all Moroccan students willing to pursue their education at Edinburgh Napier campus in the UK. However,for students willing to study online, they can select some modules then move on campus to complete their education in Edinburgh.